Pets like cats and dogs in the house are loved by everyone. These pets teach us about humanity and loyalty. But sometimes they can be rough toward your carpets and rugs. Cats and dogs also have the habit of shaping their nails on the carpet, furniture, etc. These pets by scratching and pulling the carpet damage the whole carpet. Most people don’t know how to repair these damaged carpets. They rely on one option only that is replacing the damaged carpet with a new one. But replacing the carpet involves a high cost and one can easily save this a high expense only by repairing the damaged carpet. Here we Melbourne Cleaning Masters bring you the best carpet repair technique through which one can easily repair their damaged carpet at home on their own. Through carpet repair, one can make their carpet work for a long period. Don’t worry as these carpet repair solutions will not cost much. This easy DIY method of carpet repair is as following explained. In such a case, If you still need carpet repairs in Melbourne then we are pleased to assist you.

Carpet patching technique:

For the damages done by pets, this carpet patching technique can be used for carpets and rugs. Under this method, a small piece of carpet is used to repair the scratched carpet. Here one can use the small patch from the same carpet fabric or a similar type of carpet as per their need. This method can also be used for replacing the patch of carpet due to burns, holes, tears, etc. This method will make the carpet repair virtually invisible and the scratch on the carpet will be gone.

What do I Need?

One only needs the following tools and material to patch the small holes and scratches on the carpet done by the pets.

Tools/ Equipment:

  • Knife of cutter
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Carpet roller or old comb


  • Single-sided tape
  • Marker
  • Gloves
  • Door carpet piece
  • Masking tape (optional), etc.


This DIY Carpet replacement method involves the following steps:

1. Evaluate the Damaged Carpet:

First, properly examine the whole carpet and rug. Find out all the small damaged area of your carpet which has been turned or scratched by your pet. If the carpet-damaged areas are small then one can use this DIY carpet replacement method. But if the carpet damaged area is very large then one can’t use this method. They have to replace the whole carpet with a carpet repair service.

2. Find the Damaged area:

Find out all the damaged areas of the carpet by doing a deep observation of the whole carpet under this step.  After that, marked all these damaged areas with a marker for making the patching process easy. By doing so, it will become easy to find out all the damaged areas of the carpet while repairing.

3. Mark the Damaged area:

Now, one by one mark or outline all the damaged areas of carpet in a square with a marker. Mark the damaged carpet carefully after proper measurement. If the carpet is not properly marked then it will create a problem in patching the donor carpet piece. One can use measurement tools to properly mark the damaged part of the carpet.

4. Cut the Damaged area:

By using the carpet knife or cutter cut the previously marked carpet area. Carefully cut the damaged area according to the marked lined to avoid any trouble. Try to cut only the backing of the carpet and avoid the tufts. Also, don’t pull off the carpet fabric directly if any carpet fabric remains attached then cut it with the help of scissors.

5. Take Donor Carpet:

For carpet patching first, always look for a similar carpet piece to replace the patch of carpet. For selecting the donor carpet one has the following options

  • Sometimes there can be some small or big pieces of carpet leftover from the original carpet. One can use these leftovers to replace the damaged section of the carpet.
  • One can also look for the same carpet pieces from the market. For this, one needs to know the brand and the quality of the old carpet.
  • If one doesn’t have old carpet leftover then they can look for a similar carpet piece from the market.
  • If you don’t find any similar source of the old carpet then you have to cut the donor piece from the old carpet. One can cut the old carpet from those areas which are out of sight like under the bed, furniture, closet, etc.

6. Test Donor Piece:

Now take all these damaged carpet pieces which you cut and place them over the donor carpet. Use these old carpet pieces as a measurement tool and mark the new carpet with a marker. After that carefully cut the donor carpet area with the help of a sharp knife or carpet cutter. Here also be careful while cutting the new carpet

ou cut the backing of the carpet only not the tufts of carpet.

7. Apply Tape on the Piece:

Now, take double-sided carpet tape and apply it to the replacement section of the carpet. These carpet tapes have a very sticky surface so one needs to pay proper attention while applying them as it will give you only one chance to stick on the carpet’s surface. In case you apply the tape wrongly on the donor carpet piece then you will have to take a new carpet piece as the old one will have no use. If your patch is square then cut the 4 straight pieces of tape and apply each piece in the corner of the donor carpet piece. For applying the carpet tape on the carpet remove the protected paper of tape from one side and stick it on the carpet piece carefully.

8. Insert the donor piece:

Take this donor piece and remove the protected sheet from the other side of the carpet tape of the donor piece. Now very carefully stick the carpet piece on the cut-out area of the old carpet and press it firmly. Press hardly all the four corners of the carpet to properly stick the piece to the carpet. In the same way patch the other pieces of donor carpet on the repairing carpet.

9. Trim the longer fabric of the donor piece:

Very careful trim or cut the longer fabric of the newly patched carpet area to make them look similar to the original carpet. Try not to cut too much fabric of the new carpet piece as it can damage the carpet again and will also negatively affect the appearance of the whole carpet.

10. Blend the patch:

Take a carpet roller or old comb and rub across the patched carpet piece in all the directions to blend the new patched carpet piece with the rest of the old carpet here fixing the carpet edges is most important to hide the patch properly. For this, one needs to pay more attention to the patched piece’s edges. To properly fix the carpet patch one can also place heavy things on it.


Thus by using these entire steps one can easily repair their pet-damaged carpet on their own. But if you don’t have much time and if you find this patching method difficult then don’t worry it is not a big problem. One can appoint professional experts to repair their damaged carpet. Experts like Melbourne clean master provide the best cheapest carpet repair services in Melbourne. Our experts use various carpet repair methods like Carpet patching, carpet rips repair, carpet burn repair, stair carpet repairs carpet stretching, carpet seam repair, etc. to repair different carpets. Carpet Repair Melbourne will also use the same carpet donor piece for properly repairing the carpets. For more inquiries, one can easily connect with us through any source.