Carpets are considered of the most important house decor of our house. Carpets and rugs are a one-time big investment that not only improves the overall appearance of our home or office premises but also protects our house from germs and bacteria. These carpets daily face various types of bacteria, germs, dirt, dust, burn, hole, stains, and other damages, etc. Due to all this, after some time the carpet start getting damaged. The edges of the carpet start pulling out and the carpet gets torn or burned. These carpet damages are a great headache for most people as they don’t look pleasant and further require carpet replacement with new carpet which involves huge cost and investment. Further, it is also not good to replace the whole carpet due to small carpet damages. So here carpet repair becomes a necessity to save you from the high cost of new carpet replacement

The carpet damage may be a result of furniture pulling, cigarette burn, carpet stains, iron or heat and, fire, etc. There are a lot of questions concerning carpet cleaning like,

  • How to repair carpet?
  • How to repair carpet with cheap carpet repair methods?
  • How to repair carpet patches?
  • What are the easy methods of carpet fixing, carpet installation, etc.

We Melbourne Clean Masters here provide you with all the answers and doubt regarding carpet repair. Don’t worry as here we provide the best and easy tips through which one can easily fix their damaged carpet through repair. Further, it will not cost much. You can solve it by doing carpet repair on their own. For this here we Melbourne Clean Masters provide you with easy tips through which one can repair their damaged carpet easily with some equipment. We here will provide the simple and best carpet fixing tips through which one can repair their carpet themselves without professional help. These tips for carpet repair are as following explained.

  • Patch a Damaged Part with Carpet Patching Technique:

It is one of the effective methods through which one can easily patch small holes, burns, and tears, etc. on their carpet at home on their own without the expert’s help. It is one of the most preferred carpet repair methods for fixing burned or melted carpets. By using this tip one can easily repair their carpet in such a way that it will make the damaged or burned area of carpet virtually invisible.

Tools and Material Required:

One needs the following tools and material under this carpet patching repair method to patch the damaged area of the carpet.

  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Gloves
  • Single side carpet tape
  • Masking tape
  • Marker
  • Carpet piece, etc.

Under this technique, first, a small patch is made either from the same type of carpet or from a different design of carpet with a similar look or quality and appearance. This technique involves the following steps.

1. Cut out the Damaged Part:

First, measure the burned or damaged whole area of the carpet. Mark the outline of the damaged area of the carpet with the help of a tape. Now, take a sharp scissor and remove this damaged section of the carpet.

2. Prepare the Replacement Carpet Piece:

Now in the next step, find out a small piece of the same carpet or similar carpet according to the size of the damaged mark on the carpet. With the help of a knife or scissors, trim this piece of carpet. Now, measure and cut the replacement carpet piece according to the damaged carpet area’s size which is to be patched.

3. Insert the Piece:

Now to patch the carpet new piece insert the carpet single side tape at the marked area. After than, put the replacement piece of carpet on the marked area of the carpet. Press the repaired section hardly. One can also place some heavy objects on it so that it can be easily fit back.

  • Rescue Wet Carpet:

 To rescue the wet carpet first step is to make the carpet completely dry. For this one can either use a vacuum cleaner or simply use a clean dry cloth to soak all the excess moisture from the carpet.

1. Cut out the Wet Pad:

Firstly pull out the carpets from corners by cutting or pulling the wet pad. Slowly pull out the carpet from all the stacking strips and then fold the carpet. After this use a fan or vacuum cleaner to make the carpet dry. Wet carpet pad work as a sponge that socks a lot of water. So it becomes necessary to pull it out to make the carpet dry and also to save the carpet from wet damage.

2. Patch in the New Pad:

Now normally measuring the carpet pad area and use a new pad to re-attach the carpet. Try to use the same type of carpet pad following the same type of thickness to give proper finishing to the carpet.

  • Reattach Pulled-Out Carpet Method to Repair Carpet Edges:

 If your carpet has been pulled out from the edges and becomes loose from the floor then don’t worry this technique can be easily used to fix it at home on your own. For this reattach pull-out carpet repair method is used. Most people use carpet as the essential and main flooring option. But the carpet can easily trip people and can cause damage if it is not properly installed or stretched. That’s why carpet edges are fixed using this method.

Tools and Material Required:

Under this method, one needs the following equipment and tools.

  • Carpet knife or cutter
  • Carpet pad
  • Hammer
  • Stapler
  • Knee kicker
  • Leather gloves
  • Carpet tap, etc.

One needs to follow following steps to repair the carpets:

  1. Firstly, fold back all the loose pieces of the carpet from its place slowly.
  2. Then, reattach the tackles strip to the thread, and also make sure that you don’t nail it back into the old nail holes.
  3. After this pull the loose carpet around the nosing and use a knee kicker to properly stretch the carpet tight across the floor.
  4. While kicking the knocker with your knee, take a hammer and then, tap the carpeting down into the corner where the tread meets the riser.
  5. you can use ½ inch-long staples to faster down or stretch the carpeting down to every thread.
  • Carpet Tiffs, Rips, and Tear Repair Method:

Sometimes when any heavy furniture or things are dragged carpet gets tiffs or rips. It looks awful and negatively affects the carpet’s appearance. But don’t worry as through this method damage can be repaired. You can either attach a small patch on these riffs and rips or tear the carpet off, repair them.

Tools and Material Required:

Under this method, one needs the following equipment and tools.

  • Steam iron
  • Scissors
  • Heat-activated carpet tape
  • Carpet knife or cutter
  • Matching or similar piece of carpet
  • Screwdriver
  • Carpet single or double-sided tape, etc.

It involves the following steps:

  1. First, take a screwdriver to impress the line into the carpet and then draw a line around the damaged area of the carpet.
  2. Now, use a carpet cutter or knife or sharp scissors to cut the line marked on the carpet area.
  3. Take a small piece from the same or similar carpet and patch it with glue or carpet single-sided tape on the carpet.
  4. After this place a heavy piece of furniture or item on it and let it be there for some time so that the patch piece can be properly set.


Thus by using these different tips and techniques one can easily repair their damaged carpet on their own. But if you don’t have much time or if you find these carpet repair methods difficult to use then don’t worry it is not a big problem. One can appoint professional repair experts to repair their damaged carpet. Experts like Melbourne clean master provide the best as well as the cheapest carpet repair services in Melbourne. Our experts use various carpet repair methods like Carpet patching, carpet rips repair, stair carpet repairs carpet stretching, carpet seam repair, etc. to repair different carpets. Also the carpet repairing services provided by us are the best in Melbourne. Our experts will lighten your burden through their effective services. One only needs to contact us and the rest of the carpet repair work will be our experts. Further, we are also committed to providing 100% guaranteed and certified best carpet repairing services in Melbourne. Carpet Repair Melbourne also uses the same carpet donor piece for properly repairing the carpets. For more detail, one can easily connect with us through any source.