People experience most of their comfortable sleep on the mattress. Over time mattresses carry dead skin, dust mites, hairs, germs, etc. which make the mattresses unhygienic and also spread various diseases and health problems. Further, over time these mattresses get various stains and dark spot which can be easily removed from the mattress. Due to the daily usage, the mattresses get dirty and require regular cleaning to avoid the dirt, dust, germs, bacteria, and other pollutants from the mattresses. Most people find it difficult to clean the mattress and want to know how to get the smell out of the mattress. That’s why here we Melbourne Clean Masters provide you with the easy and effective techniques for mattress cleaning service at home on your own. Most people have various questions like

  • How do I clean my mattress?
  • How to remove pee stain out of a mattress?
  • How do get the bloodstains out from the mattress?
  • How to get the dirty smell and odour out of the mattress?
  • How to regularly clean the mattress? , etc.

Here our experts provide you with all the answers by providing deep knowledge about stains and easily DIY methods through which one can easily clean their mattresses on their own.

Common Mattress Stains

Normally cleaning and maintaining the mattress alone is not enough. Due to regular usage mattresses get different stains and dark spots. These stains on the mattress are very hard and can’t be easily removed. These stains can be

  • Coffee stain
  • Tea stain
  • Food stain
  • Ink stain
  • Oil stain
  • Wine stain
  • Vomit stain
  • Chocolate stain
  • Bloodstain
  • Fat based stain
  • Candle wax stain
  • Sweat stain
  • Paint stain
  • Dirt and Mud stain
  • Grease stain
  • Urine stains, etc.

One can remove all these stains by using various DIY stain removals and cleaning solutions.

Can you Steam Clean a Memory Foam Mattress?

The memory foam mattress is petroleum-based foam mattresses for which one needs to be very careful. These memory foam mattresses need proper cleaning precautions as they can easily get damaged from various chemical cleaning products. Most people want to know whether we can use a steam cleaner to clean type memory foam or not. The answer is no because steam and moisture in the mattress due to steam cleaner can damage the foam mattresses. So instead of steam cleaning or another chemical solution-based cleaning one can use the home ingredient-based DIY cleaning methods to clean these memory foam mattresses.

Routine Mattress Cleaning:

There are various DIY mattress cleaning solutions which can be used to clean almost all type of mattresses. One can easily use these methods

  • To Remove dirty smell from the mattress
  • To get rid of stains from the mattress
  • To clean the mattress without chemicals.

To Clean your Mattress, you’ll need:

To clean your mattress through these DIY home solutions one need the following things in common for all the methods:

  • Vacuum cleaning machine
  • DIY home ingredients (as per the type of cleaning method)
  • Soft clean cloth or sponge or tissue paper
  • Coldwater
  • Empty spray bottle, etc.

Routine Mattress Cleaning Method:

0ne can use this method to clean the mattress at regular intervals. It is a simple mattress cleaning method that causes no damage to the mattress. Under this routine mattress cleaning method simply take half bucket water and 2-3 cups detergent powder. Make a mixture of it and soak a clean cloth in this mixture. After this gently rub your mattress with this cloth. After that clean, your mattress with a clean cloth soaked in water and vacuum the mattress. Let the mattress dry and then your mattress is completely cleaned. One can use this simple solution twice a week for better and regular mattress cleaning.

DIY Mattress Disinfectant Spray:

1. Using Ammonia and Water:

one can use any type of stain by using this method. Simply take 3-5 tablespoons of ammonia and 1-2 cups of water. Make a solution of it and put it into a spray bottle. Now, spray this solution on the mattress-stained area and wait for at least 1 or 2 hours. After this blot after stained area of the mattress with water and dry cloth. One can remove different types of stains or dark spots from their mattress by simply using this method. But don’t use this method or woollen fabric-based mattresses to avoid damages. Ammonia makes the woollen fabric weaker that’s why avoiding this method on woollen fabric-based mattresses.

2. Using Salt and Water:

This method is most effective for removing fresh and old bloodstain or other stains from the mattress. Here simply take 1-2 cup water and 4-6 tablespoon salt. Make a mixture of it and put this solution into the spray bottle. Now spray this on the blood-stained area of the mattress and wait for a few minutes. After that blot the stained area on the mattress with the water and dry sponge. Continue this process 2-3 times for better results.

  • Using White Vinegar and Water:

This method can also be used to remove bad odour from the mattress. Under this method simply make a mixture of white or normal vinegar and water. Soak a clean cloth in this solution and wipe down the mattress properly. Repeat this process 2-3 times for more effective cleaning results and then clean the mattress with a dry clean cloth.

  • Wipe with a Lemon:

Lemon can also be the best DIY cleaning method to remove the bad and dirty smell from the mattresses. Take a lemon and cut it in half. Now, scrub this lemon on the whole mattress and wait for at least 2-3 hours and let it dry. Lemon helps remove the nasty smell from the mattress and also leaves a fresh lemon smell. This method of odour remover works best for general bad smells or sweat odours on mattresses.

  • Using Baking Soda:

Baking soda can be used to remove urine and vomit stain from the mattress. Further, it also removes vomiting and urine stain dirty smell from the mattress. Here take half a cup vinegar and 1 cup water and make a thick mixture of it. Now apply this paste to the stained area of the mattress and leave for at least 2 hours. After that clean the stained area from the mattress with a clean cloth and water. One can also use baking soda alone to remove the dirty smell from the mattress. Simply sprinkle the baking soda on the whole mattress and after a few hours vacuum off the mattress.


Thus this is how you can easily clean your mattress at home on your own. But if one doesn’t have much time to clean and remove stain from their mattress then don’t worry you can simply hire the professional’s services. Professional like us Melbourne Clean Masters provides effective mattress cleaning services at an affordable rate to the customers. Our experts use effective tools and non-chemical solutions to properly clean the mattress without causing any damage to mattresses. You only need to contact us and the rest of the work will be our experts. We Mattress Cleaning Melbourne provide the best mattress cleaning and mattress stain removal services in Melbourne. So hurry up! Contact us right now for effective mattress cleaning services.