People spend most of their relaxing time on their mattresses. But due to daily usage, you may find your mattress dirty, unhygienic, and uncomfortable. The mattress becomes unhygienic due to sweat, body oil, bacteria, germs, etc. Further, mattresses also get different stains and dark spots that cannot be easily removed from the mattress. All these things make a mattress dirty which irritates a lot. Further, these dirty mattresses can spread various health issues and diseases.  Many people have questions like

  • How to remove stains
  • How to wash mattresses
  • How to remove sweat stains
  • How to remove blood stains, etc.

But don’t worry as one can easily remove these stains and dirty dark spots from the carpet at home on their own. Here we provide one solution for all your questions.

Here we Melbourne Clean Masters provide you with the best mattress cleaning methods and techniques through which you can easily remove all types of germs and stains from your mattress. One doesn’t need many tools and ingredients for these methods due to which these methods save cost and time for people. These are the homemade ingredients-based cleaning solution that can easily remove almost all types of dark spots like vomit stain, bloodstain,  yellow stain, food stain, paint stain, etc. from the mattress. One needs to follow certain steps to get rid of stains from their mattresses. These stain removal methods and steps are explained as follows.

Step 1: Strip the Bed before Cleaning:

The first step in cleaning the mattress is to remove all the bedsheets and blankets and other things from your bed. Simply wash off these sheets and blankets, etc. in the washing machine or laundry. One can also wash their pillows with their hands to clean them properly.  Or simply place your pillows in light or sun to remove all the germs and dirt from them.

Step 2: Treat the Stains on the Mattress:

First, if your stain is still wet or fresh then blot it with a clean cloth or tissue paper, or sponge.  Blotting the stained area will remove all the extra moisture of the stain from the mattress. This further makes the stain removal process more easy and effective. Always be careful before using any chemical cleaning solution on the stained area of the mattress. This is so because chemical solutions can cause damage to the mattress at a great level so try to avoid chemical methods. One can use any of the below-given home ingredients-based methods to clean mattresses. These methods are safe and also provide effective results.

Step 3: Deodorize Your Mattress:

Sometimes due to heavy stains and dark spots like urine stains, vomiting stains, blood stains, etc. mattresses smell very dirty. These smells and bad odours don’t get removed from the mattress even after cleaning the mattress. So another method is used to remove bad odour from the mattress. Under this method take some baking soda and pour this baking soda on the whole mattress and wait for at least 20-40 minutes. After that, gently rub the baking soda on the mattress in a circular motion. This will purify the mattress and will leave a fresh fragrance on your mattress by removing dirty odour.  After this remove all the baking soda with the help of a clean cloth and for effective results repeat the process.

Step 4: Vacuum the Mattress:

After deodorizing and cleaning the stains from the mattress the next step is to vacuum the mattress.  For this one can use a regular vacuum cleaner. While using the vacuum cleaning try to cover all the surfaces of the mattress carefully to remove all the hidden dirt and dust from the mattress in the end after removing stains from the mattress. Instead of a regular vacuum cleaner, one can also prefer a highly technical vacuum cleaner if one already has one. In the case of technical vacuum cleaners prefer only to use an upholstery attachment instead of a rolling brush attachment. The rolling brush attachment can cause damage to the mattress that does why avoid using that brushes on the mattress.

Step 5: Remove Mattress Stains:

For different stains, one can use the following various home ingredients-based methods at home on their own.

1. Urine Stain Removal:

To remove the urine stain on a mattress one needs to follow the following steps. First, take some baking soda and liquid detergent and make a mixture of them. After this add some hydrogen peroxide to it and put all this in the spray bottle. Spray this solution on the stained area of the mattress and leave it for at least 20 minutes. After that clean it with a sponge or cloth and repeat the process.

2. Mattress Yellow Stain Due to Vomit:

To remove the vomit stain on the mattress a separate solution is needed. For this make a solution of water and white vinegar and then put it into a spray bottle. Spray this solution on the vomit-stained area of the mattress and wait for 30 minutes. After that blot the stained area with a clean towel or white cloth and again repeat the process. After that dry vacuum the whole carpet.

3. Use of Laundry Detergent to Remove Sweat Stains:

Laundry detergent can also be used to clean the sweat stain and bad odours or smell from the mattresses. Generally, take some laundry detergent powder and sprinkle the detergent on the mattresses. After that wait for it for a few minutes at least 4-5 minutes. Don’t use water on the stained area of the mattress. After some time simply vacuum off all the detergent powder from the mattress. It will not only clean the mattress stains but it will also remove odour from the mattress.

4. Wipe with Lemon to Remove Stubborn Stains like Red Wine, etc.:

Lemon can also be an effective method to remove stubborn stains like red wine stains, paint stains, etc. on mattresses. Under this method cut a lemon in half and scrub this lemon on the mattress’s stained area. Now wait for a few hours at least 2-3 hours and let it dry. After that take some hydrogen peroxide and dip a sponge in it. Rub the stained areas in this solution and after few minutes clean the stained area. Lemon helps remove the nasty odours and also leave a fresh lemon smell on the mattress. This method works best for general stains or sweat stains and odour removal on mattresses.

5. Use of Baking Soda and Detergent to Remove Blood Stain:

Baking soda can be used as a natural cleaner which will help to remove all stains and dirty smells from your mattresses. Simply take some baking soda and detergent and make a mixture of them. Leave it for 30 minutes and after that rub the stained area. It will remove the stains like blood stains etc. from the mattress easily.


Thus these were the best ways through which one came easily clean their mattresses and can remove various types of stains from the mattress. But if you find these methods or steps difficult to implement or if you don’t have much time to use these stain removal methods then don’t worry as you can hire the services of the experts. Experts like us Melbourne Clean Masters provide the best and effective mattress cleaning services along with other services like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc. Our experts are highly educated and only use the best and certified stain removal methods to remove stains from the mattresses. Further, Mattress Cleaning Melbourne uses various chemical and non-chemical methods to remove the stains and dark spots from the mattresses. We provide 24×7 hours expert mattress cleaning services according to the need of the customers. For more details, contact us right now, we also offer emergency on spot cleaning services for our customers.