End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Moving out of your house in itself is a time-consuming and tough job but at the same time, you need to make sure that your house is clean too. After moving all the stuff out of your home, it’s not that easy to clean the interior thoroughly to get your bond money back from your landlord. That’s why you must hire Melbourne Clean Masters for making sure that you get your house cleaned.

    Gets your Full Bond Back with our End of Lease Cleaning Service

    End of lease cleaning

    End-of-lease cleaning services are a must nowadays, especially if you are looking forward to receiving your full bond money back. When there is furniture all around the house, you won’t notice any flaws or damage done to the property but once all the furniture is gone, you will notice the minor wear and tears done to the property by you.

    All the corners and the places under the furniture become so dirty that it requires special cleaning equipment to get them all neat and clean. If you try cleaning your home on your own then it may take you a whole day or even two, to get all the cleaning done. But if you hire professionals like Melbourne Clean Masters then you can save yourself a lot of time as well as it will be cost-effective as well, as the professionals have everything that is required for the end-of-lease cleaning. Here are some basic cleaning packages that are provided by Melbourne Clean Masters:

    Move in–out Cleaning

    If you are just moving out of your property and there’s not much damage to the property and you just need a touchup to make sure the property is clean after you’ve moved out, then this package will be good for you. Here Melbourne Clean Masters workers will clean the interior of the house and make it all neat and clean. This will take the least time to finish and it will also, be cheap bond cleaning in Melbourne as there will be not much to be taken care of.

    Moving out cleaning
    end of tenancy cleaning

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Melbourne

    If your property has not been cleaned properly for quite some time and now at the time of moving out, you think that it has to be cleaned thoroughly then this package is for you as this is a bond back cleaning package. Here our workers will clean all the walls, floor area, carpets, and windows so that you get your bond money back. And for the best exit bond cleaning in Melbourne, you should contact Melbourne Clean Masters.

    Vacate Cleaning Melbourne

    At the end of your lease, you would require getting your house thoroughly cleaned and it may take a lot of your time and peace of mind, that’s why Melbourne Clean Masters will come to your house and make sure the property looks as good as new. Our end-of-tenancy cleaning in Melbourne is the best as our workers will clean every corner, cobwebs, dust, spots, stains, etc. so that your property is restored to the way it was when you first moved in.

    Vacate Cleaning Melbourne
    Bond Back Cleaning

    Bond Back Cleaning Melbourne

    If you want that not even a single penny is deducted from your bond money, then you need to hire Melbourne Clean Masters for the apartment cleaning before you shift to another place. Our team of professionals will visit and make sure that not even a single corner of your home looks dirty. The way our cleaners do the job is amazing and when they’re done, no one can tell if the place has been cleaned or newly renovated.

    Other areas we cover in our End of Lease cleaning service

    Cleaning a property after moving out can be a challenge for many people. There are a lot of places that seem to be clean all the time but when you move all the things out of the rooms, at that moment you realize that there is a lot of cleaning that needs to be done. For example, whenever someone does vacuum cleaning, they just clean the visible floor area and not the areas under the furniture, and once the furniture is moved out, at that moment you look at the dust that has been accumulating there for so long. That’s why end-of-lease cleaning is a thing that needs to be handled by professional cleaners like Melbourne Clean Masters. With the help of our cleaning solutions and all the modern tools, we can do the cleaning in the most efficient and fastest way possible. Out of all the places in any house, the most important places that need to be cleaned are mentioned here:

    Bedroom cleaning


    We clean all of your shelves and cupboards, get rid of any stains on the walls or carpets, and, most importantly, repaint the walls to make the bedroom look neat and clean. Apart from that, we clean the areas near the doorways, doors, window panes, doorknobs, and ceiling fans too.

    kitchen cleaning


    The kitchen is the place where all kinds of stains can be seen on walls and shelves that’s why it’s the one room on our priority list. We clean all the areas near the stove, fridge, oven, microwave, cabinets, etc as these are the places with most of the leftover and dust deposits.

    Bathroom cleaning


    Although the bathroom may look clean but when you look closely the tiles or the marble floor and walls are quite dirty. We use our cleaning solutions to shine the bathroom and clean all the taps and showerheads too, along with the sink and bathtub.

    garden furniture cleaning


    If there’s a garden in your house then no problem Melbourne Clean Masters will clean that too. We cut the grass, clean the birdbath, fill up any holes in the ground and get rid of all the leaves that make your garden look all messed up.

    End of Lease Cleaning

    Cost of our Move out Cleaning Services

    The cost of cleaning is not always constant for all types of houses and apartments. This can be due to the difference in the size of the house or maybe because of how dirty the house is. But on average, Melbourne Clean Masters end-of-tenancy cleaning in Melbourne may cost you around 230-320$. Besides the fact that how big or how dirty the property is, another thing that may contribute towards deciding the cost of cleaning can be the package that you opt for. In some packages, there are more services compared to other packages. If the package contains vacuum cleaning then it may be cheaper but if it compromises of steam cleaning then it will cost you comparatively more. This way multiple factors will determine the overall cost of our exit bond cleaning service.

    Why Hiring our team for Bond Back Cleaning in Melbourne

    If you go out in the market then you may find a lot of end-of-lease cleaning service providers in Melbourne but none of them will be as efficient and cost-effective as Melbourne Clean Masters. Our workers have been doing the work of housecleaning for ages now. They have a lot of experience in making a property look nice and clean within the least time possible and they have the top-notch technology to do that too. Their expertise makes Melbourne Clean Masters one of the most magnificent house cleaners in Melbourne. So next time you are moving out of your home and require to vacate cleaning services in Melbourne, then look no further and contact Melbourne Clean Masters right away.

    We provide professional End-of-lease cleaning services including steam cleaning.
    We are well-equipped and updated with the latest technology.
    You can avail yourself of an emergency and same-day End-of-lease cleaning service at the cheapest price.
    Eco-friendly End-of-lease cleaning products.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on End-of-lease cleaning Services

    End-of-lease cleaning by professionals may take two to seven hours for proper execution. But if you try doing the same on your own then it may take you even a whole day and then also the property might not look that nice in the end. That’s why always hire professionals to clean your property before moving out.

    Both, the bond cleaning and the end-of-lease cleaning, are the same thing. There’s only a very small but significant difference between them. End of lease cleaning is done at the end of the lease period before moving out of the property to make sure the property maintains its grace but in the bond cleaning the cleaning is done to get your security money back from the landlord after you leave and it only happens if the landlord is convinced that the property looks the same way it looked at the start of the lease period.

    The vacate cleaning cost may vary due to a lot of reasons and it’s not always constant but the range between which the price may fluctuate is 200-350$ depending on your location, size of your property, and how dirty the property is.