Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet dry cleaning is a method under which no water is used to clean the dirty carpet. Under this method, a very low level of moisture is used along with the cleaning agents to dry clean the carpet and rugs of your premises. This is one of the most popular and powerful ways to clean the different types of carpets and rugs quickly.

    Melbourne’s Professional Carpet Dry Cleaning Company

    Home Cleaning

    Melbourne Clean Masters is the best professional carpet dry cleaning company in Melbourne. In the case of residential and commercial carpet cleaning our Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne is the number one choice of every person.

    Our experts facilitate high-quality equipment-based dry cleaning services in Melbourne at affordable rates. Carpets over time get dirty and unhygienic.
    These carpets in both commercial and residential areas daily face dirt, dust, mud, foot traffic, stains, etc. Due to all this, it becomes necessary to clean the carpet. Different methods can be used for cleaning the dirty carpet. One can use steam cleaning wet cleaning, shampoo cleaning, dry cleaning, etc. But if one needs instead a time carpet cleaning then our Dry Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services are the best for your carpet. Our experts will first inspect your carpet then according to the type of carpet, carpet fabric they will use the best dry cleaning solutions along with heavy dry cleaning machines and will facilitate the best dry cleaning services in Melbourne.

    Benefits of Choosing our Carpet Dry Cleaning over other Services

    People living in Melbourne have a very busy and tough life. Due to this, they don’t get much time to maintain and clean their carpet properly at regular intervals. That’s why they need professional Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne arises. People can hire the services of professionals like us Melbourne Clean Masters at a reasonable cost. There are many benefits of hiring professional dry carpet cleaning services instead of cleaning the carpet on your own. Some of the main benefits of hiring professional dry cleaning experts are as follows:

    • Our day cleaning services provide instead carpet cleaning as carpet takes very little time to dry in case of carpet dry cleaning method.
    • Professional experts use highly effective and technical dry cleaning tools and equipment of the best quality.
    • The dry cleaning method used by our experts provides deep cleaning of the carpet.
    • Professional provides 100 percent guaranteed carpet dry cleaning services in Melbourne.
    • The dry cleaning method leaves no residue at the end.
    • Extend and enhance the overall life of all the carpets.
    • Professional Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne method removes all the germs, bacteria, and dust pollutants from the carpet.
    • Use highly effective carpet dry cleaning methods.
    • Also provide different stain and odours removal services for carpets, etc.

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Prices in Melbourne

    Carpet dry cleaning prices depend upon the type of cleaning agent and dry cleaning tools used by the experts. Normally our Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne experts provide dry carpet cleaning services which range between a minimum of 70$ to 200$ approx. Further, the price of carpet dry cleaning also depends upon various factors like

    • Location of Site
    • Type of carpet
    • Type of fabric
    • Type of cleaning agent required etc.
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    Commercial Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

    Commercial Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

    We Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne offer commercial carpet dry cleaning services for all types of commercial building and places. Here our experts include various areas like

    • Hotels
    • Offices
    • Enterprises
    • Business units
    • Big complexes
    • Hospitals
    • NGO’s, etc.

    And all other commercial places where carpet and rugs are used where carpet dry cleaning is required.

    Residential Capet Dry Cleaning Service:

    Like commercial Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne services we also offer carpet dry cleaning services for residential areas. Under this method, our experts will first, inspect the residential area and type of carpet after that according to this will facilitate carpet dry cleaning services. Here our experts will first lift all the heavy things and furniture from the carpet and will then do the residential carpet dry cleaning.

    Home Cleaning

    The Process we Follow to Dry Clean Carpet

    The steps of dry carpet cleaning that our experts follow for dry cleaning your carpet at home or office premises are as follows.

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    Pre-Inspection of the Carpet

    First, our expert will visit your premises and will examine the type of carpet fabric. According to this, our experts will choose the best dry cleaning method for your carpet which will ensure no damage to your carpet.

    methods of carpet cleaning

    Pre-Vacuuming the Carpet

    Experts will first, uses a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dry particles, soil, etc. from the carpet before doing the dry cleaning process. Our professional uses vacuum machines that have a highly effective filtration system.

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    Preconditioning – The Wash Cycle

    Here, our experts only apply the eco-friendly dry cleaning agent to ensure non-chemical dry cleaning of the carpet. Our experts only use those dry cleaning agents which are not harmful to children and pets.

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    All the dirt particles and residuals are removed from the carpet through the use of a dry vacuum.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

    Post-Carpet Cleaning Inspection

    In the end, post-inspection is done by the experts to ensure proper dry cleaning of the carpet.

    End of Lease Cleaning

    End of Lease Cleaning

    If you get irritated with your landlord then don’t worry as here we also provide 100% guaranteed refunded dry cleaning services in Melbourne. Under this method, our experts will come to your place and will provide you with effective dry cleaning services. Here our experts ensure 24×7 hour expertise in carpet cleaning services. That means one can easily get their dirty carpet cleaned at any time at any day without any interruption.

    Why Choose Us

    We are not saying that we are the only firm that offers the best Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne in the country but we do promise excellent customer satisfaction at really affordable prices. Here are some reasons that would be enough to convince you that we are the best carpet dry cleaning providers in Melbourne:

    We provide professional carpet dry cleaning services including steam cleaning.
    We are well-equipped and updated with the latest technology.
    You can avail yourself of an emergency and same-day carpet dry cleaning service at the cheapest price.
    Eco-friendly carpet dry cleaning products.
    • Inspection of the carpet properly.
    • Brushing and vacuuming.
    • Steam carpet cleaning.
    • Special stain removal methods.
    • Treatment of sensitive parts of the carpets vigilantly.
    • Checking remaining parts of the carpets.
    • Filtrate cleaning and drying.
    • Carpet post-cleaning.

    Difference between Carpet Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

    The steam cleaning method is different from the dry cleaning method. Under the steam cleaning method, hot water is used along with the carpet cleaning agent to do carpet cleaning. But in the case of dry cleaning, a very small amount of water is used to clean the carpet. Further carpet dry cleaning method provides instead dry cleaning of the carpet instead of steam cleaning method.

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

    Carpet dry cleaning is the best carpet cleaning service that is facilitated by our Melbourne Clean Master’s professionals. This method provides instead carpet cleaning results and saves a lot of time for people. Under carpet dry cleaning Melbourne method no water or very less amount of water is used for cleaning the carpet. Due to this, it takes very little time to clean and dry the carpet. This method is most suitable for those types of people who have a very busy life and who need instead carpet cleaning. Under this method first, our experts will do the pre-inspection and pre-vacuuming of the carpet then they will do the dry cleaning of the different types of carpet. This dry cleaning method is also known as the encapsulation method. Here a dry cleaning agent is used with a little amount of water to clean the carpet. The dry cleaning agent used under this method is also pet and child-friendly.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

    We Melbourne Clean Masters also provide effective steam cleaning services in Melbourne. This method ensures deep cleaning of the carpet. Under steam cleaning, our professionals use the best eco-friendly cleaning solution with hot water and steam to do the carpet cleaning. Through this, they do the effective steam cleaning of the carpet. For this, our experts use different heavy steam equipment and machines and facilitate deep steam cleaning of the carpet and rugs. This method is also known as the hot water extraction method where only hot water is used for carpet cleaning.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Dry Cleaning Services

    Yes, water can cause a great level of damage to the carpet over time. When a carpet is wet for a longer period it leaves excess moisture on the carpet. This excess moisture on the carpet can lead to various carpet damages like,

    • Delaminating
    • Mould infection
    • Carpet fabric deterioration, etc.

    One can easily dry their wet carpet. Simply use or on a fan and point it toward the carpet. One can also put their carpet in the sunlight to let the carpet dry on its own.

    There are different methods to do carpet dry cleaning at home on your own. One can use vinegar and baking soda to do dry cleaning of the carpet. Under this method, simply spray some baking soda all over the carpet. After this wait for 2-5 minutes and then take some vinegar and spray it all over the carpet. Now take a brush and rub vinegar and baking soda all over the carpet. After a few minutes, take a vacuum cleaner and remove all the residual from the carpet by properly vacuuming the whole carpet.

    One can also use a normal dry cleaning solution instead of vinegar and baking soda. One can easily get these dry cleaning solutions from the market.