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Offering the most extensive selection of carpet steam & dry cleaning services in Melbourne for all types of carpet at an affordable price. We specialise in end of lease carpet cleaning services. Book online to get a quote now.

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Melbourne

    Spotless and dust-free Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

    Melbourne clean masters make it easy to keep your home neat and clean with its premium services at the best prices. We are Melbourne’s foremost carpet cleaning company with an extensive background in the industry.

    Known to be the unsurpassed service providers of carpet shampooing, carpet water extraction, stubborn stain removals, and carpet steam cleaning, we have gained colossal customer trust within a few months.

    Our Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers 100% eco-friendly carpet cleaning services that make us stand out in the entire market. The techniques and technicians of carpet cleaning are well-trained and experienced. Our service of floor carpet cleaning in the right manner will not only keep the place germs and dirt-free, but you will save a significant amount also.

    Here, we build a reputation in the city with our unbeatable services at low prices and on time. To avail of our best and affordable services at the door, call at +61-431652005

    Types Of Carpet Cleaning Services we Provide in Melbourne

    People often believe that the best benefits come costlier but not in our case; we at Melbourne clean masters not only offer excellent Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne but at extremely affordable prices. The procedure of carpet cleaning contains prime steps that make sure your carpet shines like never before. The carpet cleaning procedure contains:

    These methods are essential to ensure that you, your family, and even your pet live in a bacteria and germs-free surrounding. The Carpet Cleaning Melbourne substances are 100% chemical-free and human-friendly. Explore more.

    Carpets are the preferred option for commercial places like halls, conference rooms, hotels and much more and the best part is that they are available in multiple designs and colours. Carpeting enhances the appearance of your work environment and also act as an air filter because it traps dirt, dust and other air pollutants and keeps the air within the building healthier. But without a proper commercial carpet cleaning, carpets get dirty and fade. Protect your carpets with carpet cleaning service from Melbourne clean masters.

    We provide commercial carpet cleaning that removes deep dirt, dust and stubborn stains. As a responsible cleaning company, we always use products environmentally friendly products and advanced cleaning methods to get top-notch results.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services
    Residential carpet cleaning

    Carpets are the most frequently used household items that’s the reason it gets dirty easily and It’s our job to make it look spotless again with our residential carpet cleaning service in Melbourne. We are dedicated to delivering the best residential carpet cleaning service to our customers. We know that carpet is the place where we & our near ones love to relax & have some quality time. That’s why we do the service with proper care. Contact us for Reliable & affordable cleaning in Melbourne. We’ll serve even on the same day if required.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

    We offer professional carpet steam cleaning services to our precious clients. Our cleaning staff is courteous and well-trained with unique and eco-friendly cleaning methods. We thrive on providing the best carpet steam cleaning services at a reasonable price. Our methods and substances ensure your home and carpet protection without any harmful effects on your family and pets. Our plans are even friendly with your floor and plants as well; they have absolutely no side effects on indoor plants.

    We provide all types of Carpet Cleaning services at the most reliable prices with the latest solutions and tools. We are offering you help is like holding the cleanliness guarantee of your carpets forever. Our clients are satisfied with our services and endorse us to their family and friends. We have offered assistance to more than thousands of people till now. With this confidence, we pledge the best carpet steam cleaning services to your doorstep.

    carpet steam cleaning
    carpet shampooing melbourne

    Carpet Shampooing Melbourne

    Having stainless and odorless carpets in the home brings a healthy and germs-free life, and if you are looking forward to it, we offer Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services at reasonable prices. Our extremely experienced and well-skilled staff turn up on time to cater to the best services in the city. We can proudly say that finding carpet shampooing and other carpet cleaning services anywhere is next to impossible.

    Our method of Carpet Shampooing Service is different and effective than other methods since we own customized eco-friendly solutions. In this procedure, experts will fill shampoo into a machine consisting of brush bristles to rinse the dirt from the surface. You can avail of this service today and keep your carpets fresh and new.

    Carpet Water Extraction Method Melbourne

    Hot water extraction is entirely dissimilar from steam carpet cleaning as the machine and applying procedures are different. You can avail of same-day hot water extraction service of Carpet Cleaning Melbourne at reliable prices. The team of experts who are highly experienced and well-equipped will arrive at your home at a fixed time and rest you will see from your eyes.

    It is not about the best procedure and eco-friendly methods we use but the way we cater our services to our prestigious clients. In this Carpet Water Extraction Method Melbourne method, we pump hot water into the carpet layers that remove stains and dirt by unsettling them. Avail of our best carpet cleaning services at home at the best prices.

    Carpet Water Extraction Method Melbourne
    carpet dry cleaning melbourne

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

    At Melbourne clean masters, we use 100% chemical-free Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne solutions to ensure that doesn’t show any side effects to humans and pets as well. Our trained professionals apply cleaning substances on the surface of the carpet to break down the stain, soil, and dirt.

    The process is followed by sucking up the solution from a vacuum after leaving it for minutes to clean the carpet. You just need to give us a call to book your carpet dry cleaning appointment. You can also avail of same-day service in case of emergency; our experts will be on time to assist you. After completing the procedure, we will cross-check to ensure that there is no residue and keep cleaning until it gets cleaned properly. To book our Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services, connect today.

    Carpet Odour Removal Melbourne

    No matter how clean or stainless your carpet looks, there are some irritating smells that make your guest uncomfortable; even for you, it would be difficult to sit around. Do not trouble and hire Carpet Cleaning Melbourne experts. You should know that such odour doesn’t even spoil mood but spoils the fabric of your carpet too. It makes it look dull and old, so don’t compromise on the life of your expensive carpet by ignoring the smell. We offer the best and original methods of Carpet Odour Removal Melbourne; hire us today.

    Carpet odour removal Service in Melbourne
    Surface sanitizing against COVID-19 outbreak. Home cleaning spraying antibacterial spray bottle disinfecting against coronavirus wearing nitrile gloves. Sanitize hospital surfaces prevention.

    Carpet Sanitization & disinfectant Services in Melbourne

    Sanitization and disinfection of carpets are equally important as keeping them dirt-free. You never know which pretty-looking carpet has germs and bacteria, and this is literally a risk. People often take charge to disinfect their carpets with commercial products, but you shouldn’t follow what people are doing as this is not safe. When it comes to Carpet Sanitization & disinfectant Services in Melbourne, you should consider hiring professionals.

    We as Carpet Cleaning Melbourne experts offer excellent service of carpet sanitizing and disinfectant at affordable prices. We use certified eco-friendly products, and our methods are unique. You can hire us for various other carpet cleaning services as well.

    Carpet Flea Treatment Melbourne

    Carpet Cleaning Melbourne professional offers superior carpet flea treatment services at just one call. We are the leading carpet cleaning services in Australia that have vast experience and worth seeing client reviews. We have been working towards a healthy and clean house by offering Carpet Flea Treatment Melbourne services. Our experienced and well-trained professionals will make sure that after the treatment, your carpets are flea-free so that you can let your kids and pet roam around.

    Fleas can’t survive on human bodies and can be responsible for many diseases and infections. However, it does stay on animal bodies so, if you have pets in your home, you should be aware. Hire us to avail our flea treatment services.

    Carpet Flea Treatment Melbourne
    carpet mould removal

    Carpet Mold Infestation Removal Melbourne

    Mould not only can spoil your expensive carpets and can be responsible for various types of infections. It can make your carpet lose its shine and infects you as well. Moisture in the carpet hoards dirt particles that support the growth of mold. Cleaning them yourself can be a wrong decision as you can’t reach the root without techniques and the help of experts.

    Hire Carpet Mould Infestation Removal Melbourne professionals to ensure that your carpets are mold-free. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services will make sure that post-mold infestation removal, there would be no chance for it to regrow on your carpets. Contact us to avail our professional and leading carpet mold invasion exclusion services today.

    Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

    Stains are the prime reason that makes expensive carpets look dull and old. Even if they are dirt-free, spills are enough to make you feel irritated while looking at them. People think it’s easy to remove stains and spills at home, but such usually makes those fancy carpets look dull by leaving post-cleaning yellowish stains just like the teeth’ plaque.

    Let the Carpet Cleaning Melbourne professionals handle the task for you as we are well-equipped with the latest solutions and techniques. We are the best Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne service providers who experience many years in the field. You can book stain removal services today by contacting us. We also offer the same service at reliable prices.

    carpet stain removal service

    We Remove All Kinds Of Stains

    urine stain

    Urine Stain Removal

    Pet’s urine can make your carpets smell foul and leave a yellow stain which is even more irritating and dirty. You can’t simply ask your guest to sit around that smelly carpet. It would be unhealthy for you as well; hire Carpet Cleaning Melbourne service providers to get stain and smell removal professionally.

    wine stain

    Red Wine Stain Removal

    After the party, time can be hectic for you as the stains of red wine on the carpet won’t let you sit calmly-it’s exasperating. Hire same-day Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services to ensure professional red wine stain removal with eco-friendly products

    Spot of red wine on white carpet

    Blood Stain Removal

    Minor sudden accidents can happen anywhere, even on your carpet, while cutting an apple for breakfast. Bloodstains are as irksome as wine stains. Also, they can ruin the quality of your carpet. Book Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services today to get rid of such stubborn stains

    food stain

    Food Stain Removal

    When you live with your family and kids, it’s common to see food leftover and spills on the carpet. It not only leaves a yellow stain but damages the carpet. Hire Carpet Cleaning Melbourne experts to get them removed with 100% chemical-free products and carpet cleaning methods.

    coffee stain

    Coffee Stain Removal

    Coffee stains are stubborn that you can’t imagine cleaning by yourself; it’s even harder when it gets dry. No matter how many expensive products you use, it either spoils your carpet’s quality or leaves with a post-cleaning dullness. You can’t afford both; hire Carpet Cleaning Melbourne firms to avail best coffee stain removal methods with eco-friendly products.

    dirt stain

    Dirt Stain Removal

    Washing powder and other commercial cleaning products are suitable for dirt stain removal, but the perfection a professional can attain, you can’t. Let the Carpet Cleaning Melbourne professionals do their task of Dirt stain removal while you can sit back and plan other works

    ink stain

    Ink stain Removal

    When it comes to ink stain removal, do not even try to do it yourself. It will ruin your expensive carpet forever, and there is no going back to normal then. In such a case, you have Carpet Cleaning Melbourne experts who are incredibly experienced and well-equipped.

    oil & greese stain removal

    Oil & Grease Stains

    Unlike other stains, oil and grease stains can not only make the carpet look lifeless but also develops bacteria and germs that eventually cause infections to you. Being a parent, you can’t simply take the risk; call for Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services today to avail yourself of our best oil and grease stains removal services.

    Why Carpet Cleaning is important?

    Why Carpet Cleaning is important?

    Carpet cleaning is not just significant for a healthy life but legally binds to the property inspections and lease cleaning procedures. If you think like a human, you can’t live in an unhealthy environment and let your kids or pets roam around. This is why taking monthly or yearly carpet cleaning services is essential. With its 100% eco-friendly products and modern techniques, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne will ensure that you have a healthy and germs-free space around you.

    Hidden stains and allergens prowl in even well-vacuumed rugs and carpets. This is why we suggest you take Carpet Cleaning Melbourne professional help at least once a year, or you can also avail of same-day service.

    Average Price of Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    Your carpet not only helps add to your room, but it also helps to extend the life of your floors. One of the most important tasks is to keep it clean and safe by using Carpet Cleaning services. The Price of carpet Cleaning is affected by the size of the portion of your carpet that needs to be Cleaned as well as its quality.


    Price (Approx.)

    Small Bedroom  $25
    Large Bedroom $30
    Stairs $30 – $50
    Large Front Room $40

    Why Choose Us

    Melbourne clean masters are one of the leading certified companies that owns the latest cleaning tools and techniques. Our staff is well-trained and polite. We believe in providing unsurpassed Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services to our prestigious clients at affordable prices. The products we use to clean and dry clean the carpets are 100% environment-friendly and certified. When it comes to carpet cleaning services, you can trust us blindly.Here are our significant highlights:

    Avail best carpet cleaning services at reasonable prices.
    Avail free consultation and quotations
    Same day carpet cleaning services available
    Well-trained staff who reach on time in a particular dress code.
    Certified and best Carpet cleaning services in Melbourne
    100% environmental free products and latest techniques

    How We Work?

    The methods and strategies of Carpet Cleaning Melbourne service providers are unique and unbeatable. Melbourne clean masters are the leaders of the entire cleaning industry, consisting of a strong fan base. A great strength of people suggests our company since we aim to provide the best carpet cleaning services. The strategy to work includes:

    • Inspection of the carpet properly.
    • Brushing and vacuuming.
    • Steam carpet cleaning.
    • Special stain removal methods.
    • Treatment of sensitive parts of the carpets vigilantly.
    • Checking remaining parts of the carpets.
    • Filtrate cleaning and drying.
    • Carpet post-cleaning.

    Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners?

    There are plenty of uncountable reasons to hire professionals of Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. When you book a carpet cleaning service, it comes with the abode of benefits, including that your home is inspected by industry professionals at an affordable price. You can’t get this anywhere else. They say, best services come at a costlier price but not in our case. We are different, unique, and trustworthy. The benefits of hiring us include:
    1. Fresh-looking and odorless carpets in homes and offices.
    2. Better chances to resale or passing them to people you adore.
    3. Extremely safe for kids and pets.
    4. The First impression is the last, and your expensive carpets that are lease, mold, and smell-free can help you make one for your clients.
    5. Carpets look lively and new even after many years.

    Carpet stain protection Melbourne

    Our Carpet Cleaning Melbourne professionals use an eco-friendly coating of stain protectors to sustain the carpets’ life. This only can be done by a professional containing special stain protectors and techniques. The protectors will make sure that carpets look stain-free at least for one year, liable for the traffic that came into contact with them.

    Same Day Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    Our Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services makes it easy to organize sudden parties and meetings in your home and offices. We offer same-day cleaning services at reasonable prices to our prime members. You can avail of our services just by calling on the day, and our staff will reach in uniform at the informed time. Book your carpet cleaning services with eco-friendly products today.

    Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services We Offer In Melbourne

    Whether it’s a commercial or residential space, there are Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services that offer the best services at cost-effective prices. Our staff will make sure that they will not trouble you while cleaning the carpets. The treatments and solutions we offer for carpet sanitization and cleaning in Melbourne and other places are highly affordable. We also provide customized carpet cleaning services to our clients as per their demands and requirements. You can also avail of same-day cleaning services at just one phone call. Our professional team uses eco-friendly products for carpet cleaning. So, in all possible ways, we are the best carpet cleaning services you can avail of at affordable prices.

    Need Help!

    Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Cleaning Services

     If you’ve been thinking about how to clean carpet on stairs by hand if it gets dirty, there is still a simple solution. Mix a decent carpet shampoo with water and use a brush, apply the mixture to the stain and gently work it in.

    Baking soda is the solution if you’ve recently spilled oil on your carpet. In this situation, the baking soda will absorb the excess oil. Cleaning the oil stain with a hard brush and a direction of rotation, rub inside the baking soda, and then wash the baking soda with clean water.

    Use baking soda, cornflour, or talcum powder. Such powders will help in the absorption of the oil. Depending on the size of the stain, work the powder on the carpet with a toothbrush. Allow the product to remain for 40 minutes after completing these steps before vacuuming it.

    Yes, you can be sure that your carpet is fully cleaned only when the water is clean. To keep dust away, never walk on carpets with shoes that have been worn on the street, and vacuum at least once a week.

    1. Use a cup of warm water and a half cup of liquid dish soap, and make a paste.
    2. After soaking a cloth in the mixture, apply pressure to the grease stain.
    3. Leave five minutes the solution on the spill.
    4. Wipe the stain with a clean cloth.

    The soil is contained in the carpet because it gets beneath the loops and into the carpet. The dirt particles collect, dull the look of the carpet. Some soil is lifted to the surface when the carpet is professionally cleaned, but it remains in the carpet. As a result, even after washing, the carpet looks unclean.

    Unfortunately, not all stains can be cleaned, and there are some reasons for this. The longer a stain goes unchecked, the more difficult it is to remove. As a result, when an ignored stain is finally addressed and removed, the fabric where the stain was originally laid has changed the fabric colour.

    Wool, silk, and other natural fibre carpets can be sensitive, and they don’t do well when handled with very toxic materials. When vinegar is used on such types of carpets, the carpet is permanently damaged.

    Apply a mixture of 1/4 cup salt, 1/4 cup ammonia, and 1/4 cup vinegar to clean deep stains on the carpet.
    Allow the paste to dry completely on the carpet for a few hours before vacuuming it away.

    Professional carpet cleaning services normally cost between $30 – $150 per room. Some carpet cleaning companies also charge hourly or per-room charges, which might be less or more than the average cost based on carpet conditions.

    If you hire the best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services, it won’t take much time. It all depends on the method you opt to clean the carpets and your carpet cleaning service providers’ strategy. People often want to know the exact time does carpet cleaning takes. On average, it will take 20-30 minutes per room, depending on the size and type of cleaning. Also, if you hire them first to move the furniture and then inspect, it will take more than 30minutes. This time can vary depending on the carpet size, furniture to be moved, and the type of treatment your carpet needs. Moreover, you can discuss with your Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services providers.

    As per the expert’s advice, you should clean your rugs and carpets daily. But on average, carpets should be steam cleaned every two years. If you own a workplace or you are someone who often arranges parties in your home, then make it an exception and consider cleaning it often.

    People walking on rugs, leftovers of food, and spills of drinks will make your carpets dull and dirty. You can’t keep calm with dirty carpets with an irritating odour, so it is better to hire professionals of Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for annual carpet steam cleaning. You can also call them every 6th month to make sure that you live in a germ- and dirt-free environment.

    People who own carpets and rugs in their homes and offices know well how important it is to hire someone professional. The price of professional rug cleaning depends on the size, quality, and type of rug. The life of the carpet is also a considerable fact to calculate the price. You can choose the best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services that offer affordable prices.

    The cost of carpet and rug cleaning also depends on the type of service you are opting for as it contains a wide range of cleaning methods. Normally, unsurpassed Carpet Cleaning Melbourne service providers charge in the range of $100, $200, $300 depending on the size and material.