Carpets are the best choice for home or office floors. These carpets and rugs are one of the essential parts of our home or office which face dirt, dust, germs, bacteria, foot traffic, etc. regularly. Further, it also improves the overall appearance of the home and the health of the members. Thus due to all this, it becomes necessary to regularly clean the carpet. But normal regular cleaning doesn’t work well always because there are different types of stains, germs, dirt, and dark spots, etc. which get stuck deep into the rug or carpet and can’t be easily removed by regular home carpet cleaning.

Moreover, in Melbourne people has a very busy life, and due to which they don’t have much time to clean and maintain their carpet effectively and it becomes difficult for them to clean the carpet. But don’t worry as here we Melbourne Clean Masters’ expert provide the best and effective eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions through which one can easily clean the carpet or rug at home on their own.  Instead of using chemical methods using eco-friendly non-chemical carpet cleaning method are more beneficial and effective as they protect the carpet and home from germs etc.

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Benefits of Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning:

These are the following benefit of using eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods.

  • Friendly to the Environment:

Doing an eco-friendly carpet cleaning not only cleans the carpet but also improves the overall indoor environment of the home or premises. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning removes all the bacteria, germs, and allergens from the carpet and protects the home member from various viruses and germs.

  • Friendly to the Indoor Air Quality:

Non-chemical eco-friendly carpet or rug cleaning further, maintain and improve the indoor air quality of your home or office premises. The use of non-chemical methods like homemade cleaning spray, nontoxic carpet cleaner, homemade natural carpet cleaner, etc. removes the entire bad odour and smell in hour home premises.

  • Friendly to the Carpet:

When someone uses a harsh chemical to clean the carpet they affect the quality of the carpet and carpet fabric. But while one prefers eco-friendly carpet cleaning it not only clean the carpet but also ensures no damage to the carpet. Further, it helps in maintaining the original quality of the carpet.

  • Friendly to the Your Pocket:

The homemade natural carpet cleaners not only provide effective carpet cleaning but are also less costly. If one uses chemical-based carpet cleaning they need to buy huge equipment and chemical for carpet cleaning which becomes very costly. But for homemade natural carpet cleaners, one only needs a few home ingredients which are mostly always present in our home. So doing eco-friendly carpet cleaning is also friendly to your pockets.

Methods to Clean Carpet Naturally at Home:

Our Melbourne Clean Masters’ experts provide the best carpet cleaning process through which one can naturally clean their carpet at home on their own. These areas following

  • Vacuuming:

Vacuuming the whole carpet is one of the most effective and best carpet cleaning processes through which one can easily regularly clean their carpet. Vacuuming the carpet removes all the dust particles, bacteria, diets, hair, etc. from the carpet. For these simply set the vacuum cleaner and start doing vacuum cleaning. This method is normally suitable for less dirty or new carpet.

  • Homemade Carpet-Cleaning Solutions:

Under this method simply makes a mixture of hot water and vinegar-soaked a clean cloth in this mixture and gently rub the stained area of the carpet. One can also spray this solution on the carpet stained area. After that clean the carpet with water and let it dry. One can further also use corn starch and milk stain removal solution to clean the carpet.

  • Hot Water Extraction:

Hot water extraction is a non-toxic cleaner method under which hot water is used to clean the carpet. Under this method, hot water and detergent are injected deep into the carpet to do deep carpet cleaning. For this one only needs hot water extraction cleaning vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet and these are easily available in the market. Under this simply put some water into the hot water extraction vacuum cleaner and set the vacuum cleaner. After that simply do the hot water extraction and then let the carpet dry.

  • Baking Soda:

Baking soda acts as the best natural stain removal for carpets and rugs. Simply take a few amounts of baking soda and sprinkle it on the stained area of the carpet or rug. And after, 20-30 minutes vacuum the carpet. One can also use baking soda with water to remove the stain from the carpet or rug.

  • Borax:

To use this method simply take a small amount of water, vinegar, Borax powder and make a thick paste of it. Now apply this paste to the stained area of the carpet and wait for at least 20 minutes. After that, rub the stained area of the carpet with a soft-bristled brush in a circular motion. Repeat his process twice and then clean the whole carpet.

  • Spray the Stain Removers:

One can use a homemade spray to remove the stain from the carpet. For this simply take a small amount of water, vinegar, and detergent powder and mix them well, and put this into the spray bottle. Simply spray this solution on the stained area and wait for a few minutes after that generally blot the stained area and wash off the carpet.

  • Carbonated Water:

One can use carbonated water to remove various tough stains from the carpet. Further, it is the best carpet cleaner solution for pet stains on carpet or rug. Under this method simply spray some carbonated water on the stained area of the carpet this carbonated water will break the stain in small spots. Simply clean the stained area with a cloth and all the stain will be gone from the carpet.

Thus these were all the 7 eco-friendly ways through which one can easily do the carpet cleaning at home on their own. But if by using one or more of the above natural or non-toxic cleaner one doesn’t get effective result or if one finds these methods difficult to use due to lack of effective time then don’t worry as one can simply get the expert carpet cleaning services. Experts like us Melbourne Clean Masters provide the best and effective carpet cleaning services. Our experts only use the best chemical and non-chemical methods to clean the carpets. Further our experts ensure that these methods don’t cause any damage to the carpets or rugs. One only needs to contact us and the rest of the carpet cleaning work will be our experts. Melbourne Clean Masters’ experts provide the best dust and stain removal carpet cleaning services at affordable rates along with 24/7 hours of carpet cleaning services assistance. For more detail, one can easily contact our staff members at any time.